Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Today you are ONE!

Today You Are One
Cavanaugh Jay, today you are one. Today you are my favorite. Today you walk everywhere. Today you are smart. Today you love your brother. Today you love your sisters and think they are hilarious. Today you will eat anything and EVERYTHING. Today you are very busy. Today outside, the stairs and the toilet are your favorite places to be. Today you are the best hugger. Today you can hold your own in a wrestling match. Today you are in the 75th percentile for height, weight and head (a first for our family) Today you have adorable curls, crazy eyebrows and are the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. Today you love to dance. Today you look like your Uncle Dave. Today you still love to be wrapped to me. Today you are the happiest of boys. Today you love to climb. Today you always want to be included with your siblings and get mad if you aren't. Today you are wild and a little crazy. Today you love to undo everything- from emptying drawers and cabinets to pulling out every wipe in the pack- today you love a mess. Today you nap everywhere. Today you love your binky and your baba. Today you adore your reflection, you kiss it, wave at it, hit it and laugh at it. Today you are easy and delightful. Today you squeal when you see your Daddy. Today you bring joy. Today I love you so. Today life is happy with you in it. 

Cavanaugh's smash cake first birthday