Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Just a little more summer fun

King of the play place
Oh that profile!
Ems is all about posing right now-- and those shoes- they are her most favorite 
Ellie sleeping comfortably 😳
Silly girl
The dirt foot photo bomb! 
Best friends 
Best friends 

First firefly of the summer!
Jason has been on call a lot lately- so as one of our many entertainments has been learning to sew-- it might be the girls' most favorite thing...
J and I went on a date to an outdoor theater- it was perfect.
Callan- napping at the pool

Waiting for their ice cream at friday Funday 
Out with the old- in with the new!!
Eating cookie dough at like 10 at night... Why not?! It's summer!!!
Those kissy lips
Ellie being captain America 
These crazies
Summer is muddy and messy-- the bathroom looks like this 90% of the time 😳😔

Playing playing and more playing 

Vacation Bible school!! Morning addition