Sunday, August 2, 2015

More Branson fun

We stopped at the most amazing Bass Pro shop- Callahan slept through a lot of it. 
It is so cool! 
There was a chocolate fountain and cavan could not have been more delighted
Just so many yummy places!! 

More Branson fun!

I love seeing Jason with our kids-- whenever we get away it feels so good to just be us without outside worries. 
Our view from the balcony of the condo-- it was gorgeous! 
walking Main Street
It was hot blisteringly hot-
These manly men are the best! 

We are awesome at trolley selfies-
Callan and Elles were delighted that we were on a trolley like Daniel tiger.

We love these two so much
This is a store in Branson- it was breathtaking-- literally. 

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

These two-- when one is looking-- the other isn't- ha!

The girls made a play house out of stuff at the table-- it was so cute. The salt is the mommy cooking and the pepper is the dad at the bed. 

The amazing pet show was fun-- but far from amazing...😳

The Dixie Stampede!!!

We went to Branson-where we got to go to the Dixie Stampede-- it was sooooo fun! They had southern belles- delish food- an amazing show and great music-- it was such a highlight of our trip!!! 

The pre- show was in this fun area and was an awesome juggler -- the kids loved it!

Grammy and Papa Rich's visit part 1

Reunited and it feels so good!

The boys were over the moon to play with papa Rich--
Soaking up every moment with my Emmy girl before cousin camp 

A few pics of the house- kids room and bathroom

The boys Captain America mirror and bed 
View from the door
Still need to do curtains... 
Part of the girls room
More of the girls room (I need to take a few more to get the whole thing) 
The kids' bathroom-- obviously, a little feminine...

Fhe of monster making

Jason had a 19 day work stint- working weekends and being on call-- which means sleeping with a pager-- and answering calls all. Night. Long. That being said- it could be (and has been) waaaay worse- during his first year he had to stay at the hospital- and we all almost died-- anyways- we are so happy to have him back! We celebrated by having an fhe of creature making- 

It was so fun!! 

Emmy made her monster and named him "Blah Blah" -- appropriate.
Ellie made "buttercup" not so appropriate of a name choice 

She later made a home for buttercup- including a bed- some chatbooks- a sea shell- a blanket and many more things. I have a hashtag #iwanttobeelliestoy -- and it couldn't be more true