Thursday, July 23, 2015

Emmy the photographer

I love finding things like this on my phone-- Emmy had an entire photo sesh today 

Life lately

We got shots-- Ellie is the only one who escaped-- the boys got bouncy balls as rewards from the dr and cavan of course did his best to eat it... Callan adored his-- and was epically sad-then fine and friendly- cavan was livid and hates the nurse to this day.
My vt's showed up in unplanned matching shirts-- I obviously had to change into mine which matched as well
When Emmy found out she was getting her shots the next day-- there were a LOT of tears
Emmy-just reading chatbooks 
Cavan took a spill and hit thedoor-jam... Daddy fixed him up- but it was a nasty cut!! 
These cutie pies!!! I found the suits for the girls for $4 and was taking a matchie sister pic and the boys joined in
Just playing at the mall

Jason bought me some makeup and I love it so so much -- while I was in surgery (story to come) he got me ipsy- something I have been pining over for years- literally. 

Emmy is in love with these shoes- and posing 
My sleeping babes
Callahan has taken to giving me presents--you never know what he will show up with 😂

Cheering the sibs on as they raced
Ellie- just sleeping 
Cavan being the destructive puppy- like child he is... Just eating a book

Watching daddy play soccer

Callahan kept saying "oh yook!! Daddy is so past (fast)!!!"
If by chance Jason didn't have the ball Emmy would yell "seriously dad!!!" 
Ellie kept cheering "go daddy go!!! You are awesome!"
Cavanaugh's only goal in life was to be part of he game-- so he took every opportunity to run onto the field- toward the ball- as fast as his little bow legs could go
The practice is at a gorgeous WWII memorial-- I love living near a city so so much

Ellie and her bed making skills

She is amazing and so so proud of her hard work-- hence the many poses in her pj choice of the night with the not so matching bow

Hide and seek at our house