Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Saint Louis vacay part 2

The arch is heavily under construction- so we got to visit the courthouse- where a makeshift museum has been set up
I spy j and cavan way up high
Emmy being puzzled over the buffalo chips...
My life- 

The pioneer children
The kids were being so goofy and I love the expressions on each face in each pic

The courthouse-- gorgeous 

My phone died and this was the only sculpture I got pics of-- but there were a ton of cool ones- and it was all hands on-  some with fountains- a camera and tv to watch yourself dance to the music- it was too fun

Meet me Saint Louie! Louie! Part 1

We started our summer trip off right with free Krispy Kreme report card donies! 
Road trip!!!
We got to the hotel- drury Inn- psa: go there. Free amazing hot breakfast- wait for it... And  DINNER- We literally bought 3 meals total- between that- the fab rooms and the pool- we could have literally gone to the next exit over and had a blast

The kids were over the moon- they adored every detail of the hotel- every detail

Memorial Day fun at the lake!

Cavan tried a floatie for the first time and loved it

Ellie (though she claims she drowned later that day) was bound and determined  to teach him to swim
The lake was very full to point of being flooded
The toads were u lucky enough to be caught
Sunglasses babes
The Liffereth clan played and cooked and ate with us-- here is the mudpit cook out

Cavan spilled a pitcher of salsa all over his daddy
And himself 
Eating at the picnic table was so exciting 

Our newest pet was caught and joined they family- Minty Leopard Gecko Frederick
fun times!