Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I love firemen-

I really do- I always have and always will-- I'm not talking about the pin up guys-- but the real ones-- they are such amazing guys- true heroes. They serve and serve- with no odd power or little man complexes- no ego. 
Today we were playing at a park and the parking lot next to it had a hose filling a pool-- a truck pulled up and some guys hopped out to roll the hose and leave-- what is I'm sure a 5 minute task turned into a 20 minute one-- they let each kid help roll the hose- and then let Callan help put it away- they got to look at the truck and a fireman's uniform-- I am so thankful for these men and the good that they do and represent- and that they took time to make a bunch of little kids' day!

Ellie birthday back in February

Her last night as a three year old included sleeping with a measuring cup of popcorn
She decorated her toy cake for herself-- so so excited and look at her little cute toes 😍

For her birthday Ellie wanted to go to bass pro to feed the ducks
These little best friends delight me
Auntie Amber facetimed Elles from across the world-- she was there for Ellie joining the world and hasn't missed any of the kids birthdays ever-- but the face that she remembered from earthquake tailand (I think) shows what an amazing auntie she is!

There was a lot of noodle eating 
And the on the way home they passed out--just as I pulled into our appointment for wic-- of course they did!