Monday, September 4, 2017

Today I'm Thankful.

It's been a rough time blogwise for me-- Callahan almost drowned on a family trip to Utah and I just haven't been able to blog about it- I've started to- several times- but just couldn't do it.  I've decided to- and for that I'm thankful- thankful for my boy- and that I am finally doing this so that I can  get back to documenting our lives- because it's a great time and I love it.  Two years ago almost exactly-we were visiting Saint George- we had had a day.  Like one of those nightmare traveling stories you always hear about and hope never happens to you- after hours and hours of traveling alone with the kids-with everything going wrong that possibly could- we got to grammy's house. As always, it was a party of fun family chaos. The girls were already in their suits and swimming before I had hugged everyone hello. Callan got changed and headed to the kitchen as I went to grab a swim diaper for Cavanaugh  and put my bags in the casita. I came right back and asked where Callahan was- no one knew- I did a quick scan of the rooms around me- glanced outside at the family filled deck and after a quick headcount didn't see him- I turned to search the house- but after doing a full 360-  felt like I needed to check the pool area again.  I walked out on the deck searching for Callan- nothing. I started checking the pool that was filled with cousins and aunts and uncles-- everything went into slow motion when I saw him- he was under water- but kind of floating with his hands limply above him- I was obviously screaming for someone to save him while running to get to him as fast as I could- as I was jumping into the water I heard an adult say "no! That's Abie" (this explains why no one saved him- they thought it was Abie swimming- she loves being a mermaid) when I pulled him out he was limp.  As I got to the side Brandi helped me get him up on the deck and he was conscious-eyes open- with labored breathing- and unresponsive-- almost like he was in shock.  I carried  him into the casita asking him to look at me and answer me and set him on the counter- he could sit up and made eye contact- but still wasn't talking. Brandi came in with her stephescope and listened to his lungs while I got jason on the phone. Callahan's breathing became calmer and he said "I'm ok mommy- but I drowned." in a quiet little voice while I was talking to Jason.  After a sleepless night of me watching him and crying my eyes out in thankful prayers- he woke up fine the next morning and wasn't at all scared to jump back in the pool- though he later told me about calling for me and watching the bubbles float up to the surface and feeling worried that he couldn't breathe.  I'm so thankful for a close call and not a tradegy.