Saturday, July 18, 2015

So much summer fun

We are living at the pool
These girls are the cutest and they loved the new suits I got them
These brothers are so fun- crazy and rough and tumble
We went to go to the drive in movie-- Jason was on call and got called in to the hospital... We missed the movie- BUT got a treat, had an adventure and watched Care Bears on our wall 
We enjoyed our free slurpees on 7-11 and just maybe went to more than one location 😜

Cavan and his little frienemy Fischer 
Callan is the nakey king- and the king of pooling outside but not in the toilet...

We the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile showed up at a local supermarket- they even gave is wiener whistles- ha!
I was at the bank-- and turned around from my transaction to this-- if they stay seated they get a sucker- that Callahan is a character 
I just love this little group and the time we get together 
The cutest boy ever
A sprinkler party at the Liffereth's-- there's 9 kids between us and usually a friend or two over-- it's a party! 
We have afternoon church-- so we spend mornings naked and looking for rolly pollies-- there are few things I like as much as afternoon church!

Booky's birthday!!!

The upside to almost dying is that my momma came out to save me and pick up my kids when I couldn't-- she always is always there for me. Booky flew out on her birthday so we got to celebrate her!!! 
We made her lemon cake- her favorite!! Santa's fav too now that you mention it 😜 and then Callan traced the letters and ruined everything before I could get a pic-- I attempted a repair- it didn't go well.