Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cavanaugh jay phone picks post

I had to make sure all of these made it to the blog-- because someday, I'm going to print it.
One of cavan's favorite places to be is in this little hammock under his chair-- he likes to sit there, play with toys, find old food to eat... And that little baby pointer finger melts me.
Double fisting the suckers. 
Cavan is our worst sleeper yet-- he is crazy active and whiny while sleeping. On the upside, we've got some fun sleeping pictures and stories already!
His profile is baby sleep perfection 
Cavanaugh always wakes up rosy and dewy-- one of my favorite things about babies in general- and especially him

His favorite place to be is playing in the toilet. Here he is raging at me that I closed it before he could get to it. 
The token- "fell asleep in his high chair pic" everyone has one-- or at least should have one. 
His rotten little teeth peeked through at like 8-9 months- by far the earliest in our family. 

Again-- the beauty of a sleeping baby is beyond compare. 

uncle Dave brought back some toys for us from his Asia trip. Cavan LOVED his-- here he is offering it up to Buddha. 

This little Emmy girl of mine

Ems is a bit of a puppy... She loves the wind in her hair

She is looses teeth chewing on things
She is busy
Lovable and cuddly
She is a best friend 
She doesn't know where she ends... At all. 

And she is about the best around-- I love this girl so so much!
(TT shoes)

Antics of the day

Our battery died in the target parking lot- there are worse places. 

So, we had a popcorn party and Ellie insisted on a few awesome poses before we were rescued by our hero daddy! We are so thankful that charger my dad for works like a charm. 
Because Jason got home hours earlier than he usually does- we got to play at the park.
We love every second we get with this amazing man!

This little boy sure loves his daddy

Baby faith's baby shower

It was such a fabulous night!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The plague and Cinderella movie

We got the plague-- I mean it- it started with Emmy puking at our friends house around dinner--- and proceeded to spread like wildfire through all of us. In no time we were down to nothing on any mattress in our house and using towels as blankets-- because all sheets, comforters and just about everything else was covered in someone's puke or diharrea. It. Was. Awful.  I was already behind on laundry due to a broken wash machine and flooding my house (a story for another day) 
This was a picture I posted saying that we made it through the night... Barely.
For several days- our life was this-- throw in a healthy dose of pedialyte, gingerale and crackers and that was us. Jason got it the worst and tried to work through it one day-- after spending hours in the restroom and almost pulling the panic cord- he was sent home. It was rough. But as quickly as it came it left and a little chicken soup from a friend went a long way!! 
For the last day of spring break the boys were still on death's door in bed- but the girls were ready for fun. So, off we went to fazolii's for lunch and to the movies to see Cinderella! 

Emmy got dressed up as bride Cinderella 
Elles went classic 
We were in heaven!!! 
Truly one of the best movies I have seen- I loved it. Be courageous and kind. A new motto in my life and in my girls' lives as well