Thursday, June 4, 2015

I love to see the temple part 5

We stopped at Saint Louis temple on the way out of town- the boys were asleep so I got to take Ellie on a walking date around the grounds and Jason got to take Ems
I love this girl and being able to be at this holy place 

The science center -- yet another free thing part 4

The science center is soo great! Monster dinosaurs
Fossil diggings 

Amazing science shows- 
The kids got to feel and taste clouds! See a fire tornado, 

We successfully built an arch- but not this rotten structure 
They rode a rocket ship to Mars 
Emmy was old enough for the science lab- I could have spent the day in there! 
We channeled our inner bill nye, isolated wheat germ dna- analyzied ink from a crime scene- so super fun!!!

Callahan couldn't stop yell growl roaring at the T. rex- 
Playing with the fog tornado- this place wAs soooooo cool!

The zoo!! Part 3

The zoo is amazing - truly best. Zoo. Ever.
Before we walked in I told the kids to pay attention and at the end of the day I wanted their top three favorite creatures. Ellie wanted every one- every one. The hippo Ellie said was "a creature I could take home" 
The amazing zoo had many things, including a fabulous butterfly house- Emmy declared this the best part of the day!

I loved that this butterfly matched her perfectly. 

Callahan didn't even squeeze or kill his- he is such an amazing 2 yr old
Cavan was NOT allowed to touch them
Callan was begging to be wrapped all day- after Cavanaugh's nap he got to run and I gave in. He was delighted for the 2 minutes that he remained awake. I love this angel mama's boy