Friday, July 17, 2015

Cow day 2015

Our daddy worked and was on call- so no pics of him-- but free food and cow costumes equal a fun day! 

Cleaning out my iPhone pics-- so much cuteness and hopefully not repeats 😂

Friends!! They looks so little here!!
I'm so thankful for this girl in my life

Crickets for spot

Every week we have to buy crickets for spot, our leopard gecko. We have always loved a good petsmart visit-- (you can't imagine the hours spent watching Dogs get groomed and petting cats- studying fish and playing With ferrets...hours and hours and hours) when Jason was doing rotations and we only had one car- we almost lived there some months. 
So Ellie is always an accident waiting to happen- always. She also loves to do things herself and has a genuine aversion to help... She decided to take matters into her own hands-and to pet the cat she wanted to- crawled up into her baby cart (something I've told her not to do so many times) and promptly tipped over-- I ran to help- but had to snap these as I did-- I'm so happy I did-- mostly because she wasn't at all hurt-- but it was hilarious how pathetic she was pinned by a baby cart and her own disobedience. 

Just checking out the fish

Better than the zoo-- or at least "free-er"
Callan did not abuse his cart privileges and had a death grip on it the whole time- so no one could steal it- ha! 

The blueberry patch

We knew that the day would be awesome when we caught this little guy in the parking lot field 😜
Getting their berry instructions 
Callan ate his weight in berries-- and had an empty bucket for quite a while...
Cutest boy
Cutest boy 2.0
I love this man and I love our family time! This was Saturday~Monday started 19 days of solid work for Dr. Daddy- leaving both him and me exhausted-- tomorrow is day 19 and I can't wait for tomorrow! 
The kids adored picking blueberries
We went with one of our favorite families- the Liffereths-- it was a fun stained berry filled party

Elles felt so cool with her bucket tied to her 😜
That'sJason's hand-- HUGE!! It looked like grape!! 
Ellie's winner
Emmy's monster
It was a great time-- as they don't's all fun and games until mom starts hemorrhaging. 😳