Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunday silliness

We decided to have fancy hair -- I love hairbows! 

Yes- Emmy has so much hair I can easily do 2- ha! 

These cute boys- they are best friends and little crazies together. I love it

The Fourth of July

The day started with a free petting zoo and festival

Our amazing friend made these hair stars- they were so perfect and we loved them!
Free face painting! Emmy went patriotic butterfly 
Ellie went rainbow kitty- of course she did

The very best part of the 4th was that Booky was with us!!! 
And because they are Booky's fireworks (her birthday is the 5th) it always makes it extra fun!
My mom is always there for me-- whenever I really need saving- she swoops in and rescues me- I'm so thankful for her

These girls couldn't love their bookster more
Their silly faces 
Emmy's silly face- ha!

Jason got off call in time for firework fun-- he has worked the majority of our married 4ths and hopefully, this will be his last independce day that he works for a while! 
They passed out these fans that also had a hologram window that made the fireworks even more of a party- 
Ellie couldn't stop laughing loudly  and cheering- Emmy couldn't stop dancing- Callan couldn't stop saying he was scared and cowering behind the adults-- but then cheering and saying they all were his favorite -- cavan wasn't very nervous and clapped and yelled "wow" 
I love my babe
A picture of Callan the cowerer 😂😜😜