Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Future chip and dale...

Cavanaugh made this head band with a bow into a bow tie that he didn't take off for hours- ha! 

Life lately

Emmy put her ikea wine glass down a little excitedly- and broke it in pieces... She got 3 cuts and then spun around like a top... The place looked like a crime scene...
Checking out a gator at the pet store
Life lately has looked like this...if cavan isn't eating dry cocoa then it's toilet paper- dry on the roll or wet straight from the toilet-- so as sad as this sight was- there are worse options
When church isn't until 1-- we spend the morning in our undies- searching for creatures like rolly pollies
This boy loves his Spider-Man baby
Callahan spends a LOT of his time as a frog- he hops and ribbits most places he goes.
Ronald came to our McDonald's and the girls- especially Ellie - loved him!! 
We love the Liffereth's house especially when the sprinkler is on
That's a bum print! Callan plays hard in the sand box and leaves sand bum prints to prove it!
Whitney and I were hair twins- I love us
Elles could only sleep if she held my foot- I love her. 
I'm loving my wreath--
This boy is a delight!
Ellie is the cutest 
Her life is performing shows for me-- the downside is if I look away at any point the show must start over...😳

A day at the park!

Heaven for Cavanaugh- a field of balls
The kids explored and Emmy found a present for uncle josh.
There were tons of cicadas- tons- the kids were over the moon -and captured about a generations worth of them.
Yes- those are ringing cicada- all over her!
Ellie picking me wild flowers
I love my sweet family for so many reasons- their unbelievable sweetness is one of them.

Happy Father's Day 2015!

Jason got to take the kids to church by himself- 

The girls sang for their daddy up front- and had their hair done just for the occasion 

The primary does these adorable interviews and I loved it!